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Daring Solo: A Return to Permission Slips

I am posting a photo of my original Daring Way Facilitator training group from December 6, 2013.  This highly talented and brave group “Dared Greatly” as we jumped with no assurance of a parachute into the very first The Daring Way training offered by Brené Brown and her faculty.  This remarkable group of strangers met in San Antonio, Texas and left as friends. Then ultimately, lifelines, as we then went out to share this powerful knowledge and keys to living with more peace, resiliency and joy that comes from living and practicing this work.  Brené calls it giving each other “courage, compassion and connection.”

I return to this San Antonio group, called the “Sweet Magnolias”, and this photo, as I am currently recrafting my website and vision for Daring In Idaho following the amiable dissolving of my Daring in Idaho partnership with Nancy Nadolski, from collaborating and offering workshops and services together.

You see, it is so easy to slip into, “I am not enough and I can’t go it alone”, a scarcity mindset when change occurs.  I am going to admit, I went there.  And when I shared with folks my fears and that my living in a scarcity mindset was ending my workshops , they said “no way, this work is too important and it needs to go on”.  I had several wonderful offers to help and support me. Then,, my new co-facilitator, Erica Helmick, who is one of the busiest people I know, offered her time and expertise, due to her personal belief in the value of this work.  Super validating, it is clear, my arena support section is indeed alive and well.  Then what do I do with the critics in the arena? These are the: The haters, the cheap seats and the self doubt?

I went back to permission slips.  A core concept in living and working whole heartedly in all of Brené’s work is giving ourselves permission.    Here is how this played out for me:

I have permission to ask for help, support and guidance. 

I have permission to accept help, support and guidance

I have permission to present imperfect trainings and workshops as I know I do strive for excellence and perfectionism is neither possible nor healthy

I have permission to live with in my values and do this work because I HAVE TO, in order to be in alignment with me. I want to make a difference, and teach folks to live with more self worth and overall positive wellbeing.

I have permission to be afraid and courageous at the same time

I have permission to succeed and I have permission to fall flat on my face. 

I have permission to not live small, Dare Greatly™ and use Rising Strong ™ tools and strategies, whenever needed

I have permission to rename and re-brand myself and my website to “The Daring Way Idaho”


And when all is said and done, this group from San Antonio will tell me “you showed up, you lived brave and we are proud of you”.  Thank you to the Sweet Magnolias.  You all have a special place in my Marble Jar.


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